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Wohler Group Attended Fine Food Australia 2017

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  • What are the considerations for buying Aluminium Foil Containers?

    In the context of growing concern for the environment, this type of Aluminium Foil Container has developed rapidly in recent years and many companies have already started to seize the market, with unlimited future prospects. However, many companies do not know what to look out for when buying Aluminium Foil Containers, so this article will answer your questions. Read More

  • How is the Aluminium Foil Container made?

    The Aluminium Foil Container is a new type of environmentally friendly container, the main metal component of which is aluminium, a product of modern industrial development. Many people are interested in how Aluminium Foil Containers are made and this article will answer your questions. Read More

  • What are the design requirements for Aluminium Foil Containers?

    Aluminium Foil Container is a tool made of flattened aluminium metal and is mainly used in the kitchen for cooking, grilling, serving and freezing food. This article provides a brief analysis and introduction to the Aluminium Foil Container by presenting the design requirements for the Aluminium Foil Container. Read More

  • What are Aluminium Foil Containers used for?

    ​With the rapid development of the packaging industry, the level of China's packaging industry has stepped into the ranks of the world's most advanced. Aluminium foil is an important material in the packaging industry. Aluminium foil is a common material in modern industry and its main component is aluminium, which can be used in a variety of applications. The product we are introducing today is related to aluminium foil and is the Aluminium Foil Container. In this article we will take a look at the main functions and manufacturing processes of Aluminium Foil Containers. Read More

  • Advantages of aluminium foil containers

    Aluminium foil containers are an important product in the modern food industry and their significance to life today cannot be underestimated. In this article we will take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of aluminium foil containers, which we hope will help you. Read More

  • The main differences between aluminium foil containers and plastic containers

    In recent years, the emergence of aluminium foil containers has replaced plastic containers to some extent, and they are both major products in the food packaging industry. In this article, the main differences between aluminium foil containers and plastic containers. At the same time, some presentations on aluminium foil containers will be highlighted in this article. Read More

  • What are the main materials used for aluminium foil containers?

    Aluminium foil is a very important product in the development of the national economy and in people's daily lives. It has a wide range of uses in the fields of packaging, electrical and construction, and is one of the aluminium products with the most numerous production processes and the most difficult processing technology. The product we are going to introduce today is a common aluminium foil product, which is mainly used in the food industry, and it is the aluminium foil container. The aluminium foil container has always been one of the most effective and affordable ways to use for packaging food products. It has been widely used due to its many excellent features. Read More

  • The main developments in aluminium foil containers

    With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of tourism, there is an increasing demand for beverages and canned food, which require modern packaging and decoration. In such a development, the use of aluminium foil containers is very important. This article will provide a bri Read More

  • Basic information about aluminium foil containers

    ​Aluminium foil is a stamping material made of metallic aluminium calendered directly into thin sheets, which plays a not insignificant and visible role in people's daily lives. Currently, China has become the second largest exporter of aluminium foil after the USA, which has led to a gradual increase in the variety of aluminium foil containers. In this article, we take stock of the basic information on aluminium foil containers. Read More

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