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The foil material is durable to ensure that your food stays secure. In addition to taking out leftovers, this pan is oven safe so that you can easily create roasts and other signature entrees. When not in use, this container can be stacked with other containers to save your storage space. For extra convenience, this container is disposable so that you can simply throw it out after use, saving you time on cleanup.You can also use it to line pans for baking, boiling, and roasting to catch drippings, allowing for quick and easy cleanup. Plus, it's perfect for covering your grill grates to prevent sticking and burning!


Perfect for wrapping hot food items in your restaurant, cafe, concession stand, snack bar, or food truck! Lock in heat, keeping everything from hot sandwiches, burritos, and subs to juicy hamburgers and baked potatoes hot and ready to eat!Featuring a grease-resistant property, they will prevent grease leakage and keep your customers' hands clean while maintaining an appetizing appearance on the grab-and-go shelves at your cafeteria or convenience store.


Featuring a sturdy, aluminum construction, can house portions of heavy foods and is puncture resistant to ensure reliable holding and serving. Not only is the container itself oven and grill safe to allow for simple cooking and heating, it also boasts rounded corners that allow you to scoop out every last morsel to reduce waste. Plus, two of the side walls are smoother than traditional foil take out pans, helping to enhance your food presentation at parties and banquets.


Created with convenience and efficiency in mind, it allows you to bake, and serve your signature baked goods in one vessel. Offering unparalleled function and convenience at an economical cost, it is the perfect addition to any restaurant or bakery. Perfect for individual servings, its versatile design makes this pan perfect for holding a variety of pies, fruit tarts, cobblers, apple crisp, and even serves as great way to merchandise portioned dinners, such as your signature macaroni and cheese!



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