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Wohler Group Was Awarded Best Performance Award 2016

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On April 22nd 2016, Qingdao Wohler Household Products Co., Ltd was very honored to have participated in Morrison's once in four year Best Supplier Selection. Wohler Group, stood out from 180 suppliers (Midea etc.,), won the most important award: Best Performance Award 2016. This was an event of interaction. But it was also a stage of communion. Morrison, as Wohler Group's intimate partner for many years, gave us this special award, which affirmed Wohler Group’s first-class product quality, also its pursuit of first-class brand.

Thank you for all the support and help! From the establishment, Wohler Group’s development can not be separated from Morrison's careful guidance and selfless help. The support is our lasting power for continuous progressing and rising. It is our lasting confidence of striving for excellence. We are proud to have such a partner, we are appreciated and confident to have such a win-win platform. Morrison's award Best Performance Award 2016 is precious. We will cherish this honor and opportunity, to further strengthen and promote cooperation with Morrison for a more brilliant tomorrow. We will also strive to do the best for our other suppliers and build the world's first aluminum foil brand in the future.



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