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What are the main materials used for aluminium foil containers?

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Aluminium foil is a very important product in the development of the national economy and in people's daily lives. It has a wide range of uses in the fields of packaging, electrical and construction, and is one of the aluminium products with the most numerous production processes and the most difficult processing technology. The product we are going to introduce today is a common aluminium foil product, which is mainly used in the food industry, and it is the aluminium foil container. The aluminium foil container has always been one of the most effective and affordable ways to use for packaging food products. It has been widely used due to its many excellent features.

  • The main materials of aluminium foil containers

  • Material characteristics of aluminium foil containers

  • Are aluminium foil containers harmful to humans?

The main materials used for aluminium foil containers

The main metal component of aluminium foil containers is aluminium, which is made of plastic or special coatings, with a middle layer of aluminium, all of which meet market requirements for food grade.

It is important to note that traditional tin foil containers contain the heavy metal lead. Aluminium foil, on the other hand, does not contain lead, which hardens aluminium alloys, affects their ductility and is more expensive than aluminium, so it is not artificially added to aluminium foil containers.

Material characteristics of aluminium foil containers


The material used for aluminium foil containers is not only moisture resistant, airtight, light blocking, abrasion and corrosion resistant, fragrance resistant and non-toxic and odourless, but also receives a lot of popularity because it has an elegant silvery-white glossy surface.

Highly malleable

This aluminium foil material is very malleable, so aluminium foil containers can be used to package various shapes of products, and it can be made into various shapes of containers at will.


The airtightness of the aluminium foil container is a perfect barrier to water vapour, air, ultraviolet light and bacteria, which greatly broadens the market for aluminium foil containers.

These are the material characteristics of aluminium foil containers. Aluminium foil is a relatively perfect packaging material with many excellent properties. In addition to the food packaging industry, it has also shown its broad application prospects in many fields.

Are aluminium foil containers harmful to humans?

Many people are concerned about whether aluminium foil containers can cause harm to humans. In fact, aluminium foil is a tasteless and odourless packaging material that does not cause any odour to the food it is packaged in. Therefore, it does not cause any harm to humans.

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