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What are the main functions of Aluminium Foil Roll?

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Aluminium Foil Roll is a major material used in the food industry and it inherits many of the advantages of aluminium. As industrial technology continues to develop, the social demand for Aluminium Foil Roll is gradually expanding. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of Aluminium Foil Roll by presenting its main functions.

  • What are the common classifications of Aluminium Foil Roll?

  • The main functions of Aluminium Foil Roll

  • Market prospects for Aluminium Foil Roll

What are the most common classifications of Aluminium Foil Roll?

Aluminium Foil Roll can be used to wrap food on both sides and is usually recommended to be wrapped on the glossy side to improve heat transfer. The main types of Aluminium Foil Roll are alu roll, alu paper and alu foil roll. The different types of Aluminium Foil Roll have different characteristics and their prices vary considerably. We recommend that you take a closer look at the characteristics of Aluminium Foil Roll before you buy it. For example, there are significant differences between food and fire resistant Aluminium Foil Roll.

The main functions of Aluminium Foil Roll


Barbecuing is the area where Aluminium Foil Roll is most often used. This is because some foods must be wrapped in aluminium foil to avoid burning. The use of foil wrapping to grill specific ingredients preserves the freshness of the flavour. In addition, Aluminium Foil Roll prevents food from sticking to the grill pan, prevents moisture loss and keeps it tender.

Refrigerated packaging

Using Aluminium Foil Roll to wrap food in cold packs can help prevent nutritional loss. It is protected from temperature and environmental changes by Aluminium Foil Roll because of its excellent finish and heat reflectivity. At the same time, the Aluminium Foil Roll has a robust aluminium construction that can hold some of the heavy food and is puncture resistant to ensure a reliable grip and service.

Aluminium Foil Rol is a paper made of foil liner bonded to a foil laminate. The texture is soft and easily deformable, like paper, and it does not bounce back after deformation. It therefore has a wide range of applications.

Market prospects for Aluminium Foil Roll

Aluminium Foil Roll is an important element in the construction of a resource-efficient society and the sustainable development of the national economy. It is worth noting that the structure of aluminium foil consumption varies considerably from country to country due to differences in the level of economic development. As a result, there is a certain market variation in Aluminium Foil Roll, which requires careful understanding before you buy the product.

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