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What are Aluminium Foil Containers used for?

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With the rapid development of the packaging industry, the level of China's packaging industry has stepped into the ranks of the world's most advanced. Aluminium foil is an important material in the packaging industry. Aluminium foil is a common material in modern industry and its main component is aluminium, which can be used in a variety of applications. The product we are introducing today is related to aluminium foil and is the Aluminium Foil Container. In this article we will take a look at the main functions and manufacturing processes of Aluminium Foil Containers.

  • The main functions of the Aluminium Foil Container

  • The main manufacturing process of Aluminium Foil Container

  • What are the precautions to be taken when using aluminium foil trays?

The main functions of Aluminium Foil Container

Thanks to its special material and process, the Aluminium Foil Container can be used at a wide range of temperatures and is suitable for a wide range of food processing applications. It improves the freshness and shelf life of food products without absorbing water or grease. Although the Aluminium Foil Container is disposable, the main component of the Aluminium Foil Container is aluminium, which makes it portable and easy to recycle. Users can cook, freeze, transport and serve in a simple, safe and convenient foil package.

The main manufacturing processes of Aluminium Foil Container

Aluminium Foil Containers are manufactured using the following processes: casting, homogenisation, performance cutting, hot rolling, cold rolling, foil rolling, washing and winding, annealing and finally foil cutting.

It is important to note that our team has strict requirements for the raw materials used in aluminium Foil Containers. Each Aluminium Foil Container is non-toxic and odourless and meets the hygiene standards for food and pharmaceutical packaging, without causing any harm to humans.

What are the precautions to be taken when using aluminium foil trays?

Avoiding waste

Used aluminum foil trays can be recycled, which reduces pollution and saves resources. Therefore, we recommend that you do not dispose of aluminum foil trays indiscriminately.

Proper heating

Use the aluminum foil tray to heat food up to at least 80% of the capacity of the entire tray. If your microwave oven has a metal turntable, place a ceramic or glass plate underneath the tray. Secondly, avoid direct contact with acidic food in the aluminium foil tray.

Aluminium Foil Containers are light in weight and the products meet national food hygiene standards. And recycling is easy, no harmful substances are produced in the process of processing, and no pollution of renewable resources. Do you have a better understanding of aluminium foil containers through the above introduction? We established our factory in 2002 and belong to Loften Group. 2015, we changed our name to Qingdao Wohler Aluminium Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Each product is subject to strict quality control. Currently, our factories are fully operational. One is located in Qingdao and the other in Rayong, Thailand. We also have an office in Los Angeles, USA. In addition, our third factory in Canada is under construction. All of this is to support our customers. If you need to know more about aluminium foil containers, please follow our company. Our company will provide you with the best product experience and after-sales service.



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