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The production process of Pop-Up Foil Sheets

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Aluminium foil is a relatively perfect packaging material with many excellent properties. With the rapid development of the aluminium foil industry, products related to aluminium foil are beginning to appear, a typical example being Pop-Up Foil Sheets, a new type of aluminium foil roll with a pop-up structure. This article will introduce the production process of Pop-Up Foil Sheets and hopefully give you a better understanding of the characteristics and process of Pop-Up Foil Sheets.

How is aluminium foil produced?

What are the advantages of the Pop-Up Foil Sheets production model?

Why use alu foil sheets?

How is aluminium foil produced?


The main raw material for aluminium foil is aluminium, and the first step in the production of aluminium foil is casting. The molten aluminium needs to be melted and cast in a deep well casting system under a certain casting process, and then cooled and cast into various sizes of aluminium.


The various matched alloys are added to the melting furnace in accordance with the requirements of the process, and the melting process is carried out in a scientific manner to effectively remove gas and slag from the furnace.


The alloys are produced according to the requirements of the product, the amount of alloy components used is calculated and the alloys are reasonably matched. The moulds are then planned and manufactured according to the profile section requirements, and the heated round cast bars are kneaded and shaped from the moulds using industrial aluminium profile kneading machines. Because, aluminium foil is a customised product. It is therefore very important for the selection of the moulds.


The kneaded aluminium alloy profile, whose appearance is not strongly resistant to corrosion, needs to be oxidised so as to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and the beauty of the appearance of the aluminium material.

The above is the main production process of aluminium foil. Modern aluminium foil is made of aluminium and can also be used as an aluminium electrode for electrolytic purposes. Different manufacturers have differences in the raw materials and production processes for aluminium foil. So selecting aluminium foil is selecting a manufacturer. We have strict quality requirements for all our products and we want to give you the best possible experience with our products.

What are the advantages of the Pop-Up Foil Sheets production model?

The production environment for Pop-Up Foil Sheets is evolving with the development of industrial technology. Modern aluminium foil production processes are short, shortening production cycles and reducing intermediate production stages, thus reducing the generation of defects. The main advantages of Pop-Up Foil Sheets are therefore: long service life, high quality and excellent sealing.

Why use alu foil sheets?

The alu foil sheet can be described as a combination of packaging structure, packaging form and packaging art that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, alu foil sheet is highly malleable and can therefore be used to package a wide range of shapes.

This century has seen a rapid increase in aluminium foil production capacity, driven by strong market demand. This has also contributed to a large extent to the production of Pop-Up Foil Sheets. Do you know more about Pop-Up Foil Sheets from the above introduction? We were established in 2002 as part of the Loften Group and changed our name in 2015 to Qingdao Wohler Aluminium Environmental Technology Co. Each product is subject to strict quality control. Currently, our factories are fully operational. One is located in Qingdao and the other in Rayong, Thailand. We also have an office in Los Angeles, USA. In addition, our third factory in Canada is under construction. All of this is to support our customers. If you need to know more about Pop-Up Foil Sheets, please follow our company. Our company will provide you with the highest quality products and experience.



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