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The main applications of Baking Paper

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Baking is like magic, where seemingly ordinary ingredients are mixed, fermented over time, baked at high temperatures and poured with love, to create a variety of delicate shapes and enticing aromas. Baking has become a popular food industry today and the product we are introducing today is related to baking - Baking Paper.

The main uses of Baking Paper

What are the main categories of Baking Paper?

The significance of not sticky paper for modern life

The main uses of Baking Paper

Baking paper is used to separate the baking tray from the food, both to preserve the taste of the food and to provide a good oil absorption. There is a clear difference between Baking Paper and tin foil in terms of material and use. It is important to note that there is a slight difference in the silicon paper produced by each manufacturer, so you will need to select your Baking Paper carefully.

What are the main categories of Baking Paper?

Classification by origin

Baking Paper can be divided into domestic and imported silicone paper by origin. Generally speaking, imported Baking Paper is much more expensive, but its quality is generally higher. Domestic Baking Paper is more cost-effective and can meet your daily use.

By single and double sided

By single and double sided, Baking Paper can be divided into double silicon single seal Baking Paper paper, double silicon Baking Paper, single silicon Baking Paper, etc. These different types of Baking PaperBaking have different characteristics.

By colour

The common Baking Paper on the market can be divided into white Baking Paper and yellow Baking Paper. The colour does not determine the difference in the use of Baking Paper, it is only based on your preference.

These are the main categories of Baking Paper. The production process requires attention to the implementation of two procedures: stamping and cutting. When we encounter the stamping and cutting operation of silicone paper, we need to check whether the thickness of the silicone paper meets the requirements. All these factors may affect the quality of the Baking Paper.

The significance of not sticky paper for modern life

Not sticky paper is made of a high temperature resistant material and is extremely resistant to sticking. At the same time, Not sticky paper is very easy to clean. With the development of the baking industry, Not sticky paper is now being produced on a wide scale. In terms of material selection, Not sticky paper is mainly made from safe, recyclable materials, partly in response to national policy and partly in the interests of sustainability. It is expected that the social demand for Not sticky paper will continue to expand in the future. Not sticky paper will continue to grow in quality and variety as the food industry develops.

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