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Stages of development of Pop-Up Foil Sheets

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Pop-Up Foil Sheets are currently one of the most advanced categories for preserving food. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis and introduction to Pop-Up Foil Sheets by describing the stages of development of alu foil sheets.

Are aluminium foil sheets and tin foil sheets the same product?

The importance of using Pop-Up Foil Sheets

Stages in the development of alu foil sheets

Are aluminium foil sheets and tin foil sheets the same product?

Aluminium foil sheets and tin foil sheets are not the same product. From the outside aluminium foil is a light silvery-white metal, while tin foil is a silvery metal that looks a little blue. Tin foil predates aluminium foil. Tin foil is mainly made of tin foil, which gives food a slightly tinned flavour, and it cannot be heated because of its low melting point. However, since the advent of aluminium foil, with its higher melting point, it can be heated up to 660°C before it starts to melt and can be used for ordinary grilled food and baked goods, clean and hygienic while maintaining its original flavour. Nowadays, aluminium foil has almost completely replaced tin foil.

The importance of using Pop-Up Foil Sheets

The reason for using foil sheets to wrap food for steaming is to preserve the nutrients in the ingredients. As Pop-Up Foil Sheets are heat, oil, water and stick resistant, there are also cleaning issues to worry about after using them.

Stages of development of alu foil sheets

Emergence of alu foil sheets

In the 1950s, aluminium paper and aluminium-plastic composites were developed. Two decades later, with the maturing of colour printing technology, aluminium foil and aluminium composite packaging entered a period of rapid popularity. By this time, alu foil sheets were already in initial use.

Start-up phase

In the 21st century, alu foil sheets have been developed on a large scale in China, but there are still differences with the developed countries. This is because of the obvious gap between the development of the flexible packaging market in China and the developed countries, where the number of people using alu foil sheets in the developed countries has accounted for more than 65%, and in some cases more than 70%, while China accounts for about 15%.

The New Era

The emergence of today's new category of household foil opens up new applications for alu foil sheets, making full use of the foil's high barrier material qualities to effectively block out air, light and other conditions necessary for the survival of micro-organisms, thus providing an anti-bacterial effect. The social demand for alu foil sheets is expected to continue to rise in the future.

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