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OEM 750ml Aluminium Foil Container in microwave


Data Sheet

Item No63-WL-18K04163-WL-18K041
Top Out (mm)195*125
Top In (mm)181*113
Bottom (mm)152*82
Height (mm)54
Gauge (mic)63
Weight (g)9.5

Product Description

INNOVATIVE WAY TO HEAT FOOD ON THE GO: Keeping meals warm while out camping, vacation, trips, etc. will never be easier when you
have these foil food containers on hand. This patented product is specially designed to fit on top of any slow cooker securely!
DISPOSABLE PAN DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE: Anyone looking for a clever way to heat their meals will absolutely love these meal
containers with lids. They're excellent for people cooking in small kitchens and anyone that wants a hot meal when on-the-go.
AVAILABLE IN FIVE SIZES: Slow cookers come in all shapes and sizes, The handle indentation on each will easily fit around the lid
of your slow cooker, pan, or pot.
INCLUDES A LID THAT LOCKS IN THE HEAT: The lid fits tightly around the deep pan, locking in the heat so, your food stays the
perfect temperature all day long.
TOUGH DESIGN CAN BE WASHED AND REUSED: These heavy duty foil pans are thick and ultra-durable. Although they're disposable, many
customers like to hand wash and reuse them. They're so well-made that you should be able to get 5-7 uses out of each pan.






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