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Grand Opening of Wohler Thailand Factory

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 A grand opening ceremony of Wohler Thailand was held on 26 May 2017 in Rayong Industnal Zone.Mr.XuGenluo, President of Thai-Chinese Payong Industrial Zone , Vice Chairman of Chinese-Thai Enterpnses Association , Mr.WuLin, Asst.President of Bank of China(Thai) Public Company Limited , Mr.Thachaphich Sodabunlu,Director of Amata City Industrial Estate attend and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

Through more than a decade's arduously cultivation and accumulation , Wohler group develops into is a globally renowned manufacturer of aluminum foil with its productsmarket spreads Europe,America,Australia,Middle East and Japan . In order to response the important instruction of President  Xi's 'The Belt and Road' promote the globalization of the company and serve its customers better, wohler group invested and set up wohler Household products (thailand ) .ltd in 2016. after a year of planning and preparat Wohler thaland co.opens in may26 2017,which marks an important step in theglobalizaton strategy of Wohler group.

The opening ceremony kicked off in a warm atmosphere,general manager of wohler Group and guest representatives gave keynote speeches. Mr.yuchongye, general manager of wohler group pointed out:to be a globally renowned manufacturer of aluminum fol and provides safe , environmental healthy packing soluton in food packaging field is our company's positioning. at the same time,wohler Thailand co.undertakes the globalization strategy and hope to provide better service to its customers. wohler group set a high standard and a strict requirement to wohler Thailand Co in the penod of planning and construction, both the equipment and technology leads the wond and with its product positoning is high - end commodity.mr.yu emphasized that based on comprehensive strategic considerations , we select thailand as the first stop of the process of globalization. china and thailand are geographical neighbors and keeps a long-standing friendiy relations and culture communication and are close partners in both  bilateral trade and investment , the friendly relations between the two countries leads the international production capacity cooperation and development of economic and trade in asean and even in asia in a long term.under'the belt and road'wholer group hopes to catcj the opportunity of fast development,promotes products to a broader global market,and maket,and make a positive contribution to development of economy and society of thailand.

 Mr.xugenluo,president of thai-chinese rayong industrial zone,vice chairman of chinese-thai enterprises associaton said : wohler ' s investment and location in Thailand is the practice of capacity cooperation between the two countnes which brings benefits to consumers of thailand and asean,makes positve contribution to economy and trade cooperate with the companies inthe zone,and share business opportunities brounght by ‘The belt and road' . the zone aiso will promote and optimize its service , try its best to be a perfect platform for capacity cooperation betwe the two countries .

      Mr. thachaphich sodabunlu. director of amata city industrial estate pointed out:wohler's investment in thailand will promote employment,technoiogy transfer,and also will improve the skills of thai works which benefits not only to economic development but also to society of the country as well.

During the ceremony, guided by mr. jiyongchao, general manager of wohler Thailand Co. guests visited the factory .mr .ji introduced the cutting workshop , the annealing workshop and the rewarding workshop and also introduced the advance of our technology The current capacity is 1200 tons per month which will exceed 2400 tons per month after the second - phases putting into operation.

During the visit, guests all appreciated factory highiy not in site manarement and facility operations but also in factory area planning, and had gaeat confidence to wohle thailand co.'s development.

Recently , 'the belt and road' of china and thailand4.0  economic development Strategy is moving forward vigorously , the construction of eastem economic corridor which is an iompart of thailand 4.0 economic development strategy brings business opportunities to china-invested enterprises including rayong industrial estate.the infrastructure construction have already started or to be started will very much improve the environment of investment and business . in the policy support of both china and thailand,Wohler is certain to grow by its continuous innovation and develops into a word-class enterprise and achieve its goal of ceeating the first brand of aluminum foil the world.



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