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Company exhibition

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We established factory in 2002 and belonged to Loften Group. In 2015, we changed name to Qingdao Wohler Aluminium Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Our main product include aluminium foil rolls, foil containers, pop-up foil sheets and baking paper. Our factory have been in fully operation. One located in Qingdao, another one located in Rayong, Thailand. We also built office in Los Angeles, USA. Moreover, our third factory in Canada is under construction. All of these aimed to support our clients.

Wohler is a reliable partner that connects with customers from different parts of the world. With our strong production capacity & quality assurance system, Wohler will insist on providing excellent service and supplying eco-friendly products for global customer. Our goal is creating a leading global brand of aluminium foil products.



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