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Basic information about Baking Paper

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Paper is an important invention in Chinese history. The invention of paper put an end to the ancient history of cumbersome paperwork and greatly contributed to the spread and development of culture. As time went on, paper began to be used in different fields, and there are many types of paper used in food processing. The product we are introducing today is Baking Paper, a siliconised, high temperature resistant baking paper. Baking Paper is a silicone-treated baking paper that can be used on baking trays to prevent biscuits from sticking and to prevent a small amount of grease from spilling onto the baking tray. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of Baking Paper.

The main components of parchment paper

Can I put Baking Paper directly into the microwave?

How to choose Baking Paper?

The main ingredients of parchment paper

Parchment paper is a commonly used wrapping paper with a three-layer structure that is highly resistant to high temperatures, moisture and oil. parchment paper has three layers: the first layer is the base paper, the second layer is the lamination and the third layer is the silicone oil. It differs from oiled or waxed paper in that the silicon coating on the surface does not separate from the object it is in contact with until it has been heated to 71°C. Therefore, when using parchment paper, you need not worry about the release of toxic substances.

Can I put Baking Paper directly into the microwave?

Baking Paper can be heated directly in a microwave oven. Unlike regular tinfoil, Baking Paper is mainly made from tougher paper coated with tung oil or other dry oils. In contrast, tin foil, aluminium foil and other metal items cannot be microwaved as they will spark and are very dangerous.

How do I choose Baking Paper?

Look at the manufacturer

Choosing a Baking Paper is all about the manufacturer. Manufacturers have a wide choice of materials to use in the manufacture of baking paper. Using poor quality materials can cause serious food safety problems by creating varying degrees of toxicity during the baking process and even in direct contact with the food. It is also important to check that the Baking Paper is free from grease inhibitors, which can raise safety concerns.

Consider specific factors

The main thing to check when choosing a Baking Paper is whether it is food-grade and heat-resistant, as normal brands will generally meet your needs. Some companies may confuse Baking Paper with greaseproof paper, so it is important to judge the surface and the peel of the paper, which is particularly good and does not stick to food easily.

When using baking paper, it is important that the actual baking temperature does not exceed the maximum temperature indicated on the product packaging. Do you have a better understanding of Baking Paper as a result of the above? We were established in 2002 as part of the Loften Group and changed our name to Qingdao Wohler Aluminium Environmental Technology Co. Each product is subject to strict quality control. Currently, our factories are fully operational. One is located in Qingdao and the other in Rayong, Thailand. We also have an office in Los Angeles, USA. In addition, our third factory in Canada is under construction. All of this is to support our customers. If you need to know more about Baking Paper, please follow our company. Our company will provide you with the best product experience and after-sales service.



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