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Basic information about Aluminium Foil Roll

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Aluminium Foil Roll is a product that is widely used in food packaging, processing and storage. The advantages of Aluminium Foil Roll are increasing with technological innovations. This article provides basic information about Aluminium Foil Roll. For example, the history of Aluminium Foil Roll and its basic functions. In addition to this, we will also provide you with information on the selection of Aluminium Foil Roll, which we hope will be of some help to you.

  • The evolution of Aluminium Foil Roll

  • What are the main functions of Aluminium Foil Roll?

  • How to select Aluminium Foil Roll effectively?

The evolution of Aluminium Foil Roll

In the 1990s, aluminium foil production entered an important period, with the introduction of a large number of advanced equipment and the gradual modernisation and internationalisation of production management and technology development. In the 21st century, driven by strong market demand, aluminium foil production capacity increased rapidly and this laid the foundation for the mass production of Aluminium Foil Roll.

Nowadays, aluminium foil is entering a new era. The emergence of a new category of household foil has opened up new applications for aluminium foil paper, making full use of the high barrier properties of aluminium foil, which effectively blocks out the necessary conditions for the survival of micro-organisms such as air and light, and thus provides an anti-bacterial effect, which also means that Aluminium Foil Roll has a good guarantee of safety.

What are the main functions of Aluminium Foil Roll?


Thanks to the special material of Aluminium Foil Roll, this makes it a barrier to any bacteria and facilitates the cold storage of foodstuffs. At the same time, Aluminium Foil Roll has a very good glossy finish and heat reflectivity, so food will have a longer shelf life thanks to Aluminium Foil Roll's protection.

Thermal insulation

Aluminium Foil Roll has excellent thermal conductivity in addition to its superb barrier properties, which is why it is commonly used in everyday households for barbecues, where it can be mistaken for tinfoil. In fact, Aluminium Foil Roll is a very different material to tinfoil. Aluminium Foil Roll is generally more versatile than tinfoil.

The main raw material is aluminium, which is biodegradable and easy to recycle. Aluminium Foil Roll has been designed in line with modern sustainable development concepts. In addition to this, Aluminium Foil Roll is also water, moisture and heat resistant.

How to select Aluminium Foil Roll effectively?

When purchasing Aluminium Foil Roll, it is important to check the composition of the Aluminium Foil Roll carefully. For example, the Aluminium Foil Roll you purchase must be made from food-grade raw materials. The raw materials of Aluminium Foil Roll must pass international and domestic test reports to avoid affecting your health. Secondly, simply check the appearance of Aluminium Foil Roll, as good quality Aluminium Foil Roll is harder and smoother.

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