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Advantages of aluminium foil containers

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Aluminium foil containers are an important product in the modern food industry and their significance to life today cannot be underestimated. In this article we will take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of aluminium foil containers, which we hope will help you.

  • What are the common products for aluminium foil containers?

  • The main advantages of aluminium foil containers

What are the most common products for aluminium foil containers?

Aluminium foil containers are highly customisable, so their shape and type can be changed according to the customer's needs. Some of the most common aluminium foil containers used by our manufacturers are aluminium foil trays, roast pans, etc. These products can be customised according to customer requirements.

The main advantages of aluminium foil containers

Safe and reliable

Aluminium foil containers are safe, hygienic and reliable. They are heated at high temperatures and do not spill harmful substances that can contaminate food in a way that no other disposable container can.


Aluminium foil containers are more durable than ordinary plastic containers. Generally speaking, plastic containers are subject to degradation, brittleness and reduced performance when exposed to light and thermal oxygen. This is not the case with aluminium foil containers. The advantage of aluminium foil is that it is a better barrier to oxygen and moisture, with a water and oxygen permeability of 1, making it an excellent barrier material.


Aluminium foil containers protect foodstuffs from scorching. At the same time, they are also suitable for packaging refrigerated, chilled and fresh foods.

These are the main advantages of aluminium foil containers. The consumer can cook, freeze, transport and serve in a simple, safe and convenient foil package. All in all, aluminium foil containers are showing great promise in a wide range of applications.It is worth noting that aluminium foil containers still have certain limitations in terms of use. It is brittle and prone to breakage. It is more difficult to laminate. It is poorly resistant to acid, so it is not recommended for contact with more acidic foods. When using aluminium foil containers in general, try to avoid allowing acidic or alkaline substances to come into contact with them.

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