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What Aluminium Foil Series Do We Have?

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Why Choose Wohler?

We established factory in 2004. Our main product include aluminium foil rolls, foil containers, pop-up foil sheets and baking paper.

Fast Delivery Time

The production capacity of Qingdao factory is 400 containers(1500tons) per month. The other factory which located in Thailand, with capacity 300 containers(800tons) per month. Excellent production capacity ensure our delivery time.

Productive Capability

Wohler equiped with Italian automatic equipments, include 8 sets Rotomac Rewinding Machine, 4 sets Rotomac Packaging Machine, 10 sets of Rotomac Punching Machine, and 4 sets Annealing Furnace,quality equipment ensure product quality.

Quality Assurance

Wohler Quality Control and Quality Assurance department are equipped with advanced testing machine and complied with international standards and customers’ requirement.Wohler sets up QC and QA system in raw material.

What Customers Do We Serve?

Latest News

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[Company] Aug 06,2021
Company exhibition

We established factory in 2002 and belonged to Loften Group. In 2015, we changed name to Qingdao Wohler Aluminium Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Our main product include aluminium foil rolls, foil containers, pop-up foil sheets and baking paper. Our factory have been in fully operation. One loca

[Company] Jul 20,2021
Qingdao Wohler Attends the Exhibition in Holland

The representatives of Europe went to Holland to attend the exhibition on 29th May,2018.The company's products hasattractted many overseas customers to talk for business in there.And we believe we will gain a lot from this show,and further extend our market in Europe!

[Company] Jul 20,2021
Wohler Team Attended NRA Show 2018

On May 19-22nd 2018, the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA show) was held as scheduled. The NRA Show is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive exhibitions of hotel supplies and food, which was founded in 1919, and is sponsored by the National Restaurant Association. The exhibition

[Industry] Jul 20,2021
Wohler Group Won the Chinese Aluminum foil Innovation Awards - Reported by the International Aluminum Industry Magazine

International aluminum industry magazine reported the 2017 "Chinese Aluminum foil Innovation Award" ceremony in its October issue. Wohler Group has won two Innovation Awards at this ceremony, which affirmed Wohler's efforts and achievements in the aluminum foil market. In the future, Wohler Group w




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